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3-Iodo Benzoic Acid, 3-Iodo Benzoic Acid 618-51-9, 3-Iodo Benzoic Acid suppliers in India.

3-Iodo Benzoic Acid CAS # : 618-51-9

3-Iodo Benzoic Acid

Cas No :- 618-51-9

Molecular Formula :- C7H5IO2

Synonyms :-

3-IODOBENZOIC ACID BENZOIC ACID, 3-IODO- M-IODOBENZIOC ACID M-IODOBENZOIC ACID RARECHEM AL BO 0687 3-iodo-benzoicaci Benzoic acid, m-iodo- m-Iodobenaoicacid 3-iodin-benzoic acid 3-IodobenzoicAcid98% 3-lod-benzoic acid 3-Iodobenzoic 3-iodobenzonic acid m-Carboxyiodobenzene

Specification :- 3-Iodo Benzoic Acid ---CAS#: 618-51-9


White to beige colored crystalline powder


Not more than 0.5%


Insoluble in water. Soluble in benzene, ether , chloroform

M.P. Range

Between 185 C to 188 C

Purity ( By HPLC)

Not less than 98%